Sunday, October 25, 2009

Immediate Drawing Club

A few of us at the studio had our first "drawing lunch" on Friday. I was slightly self-concious as we were all drawing random passers-by together, but this it was a very pleasnat experience and hey, any excuse to do a bit of drawing.

My results were mixed - but I got one or two presentable sketches (presented here) out of it. Thanks to James, as the driving force behind the newly formed "Immediate Drawing Club"!

Gettin to grips with the z axis

After year's of chatter about it, I'm finally taking a Maya course. Here is my first test, it's fairly rough and took me ages, but it's a step in the right direction.


Here a couple of phots I took on a recent trip to the Design Museum in London. They're of the Mariscal exhibit.

Mariscal is a famous Spanish furniture/magazine cover/font/everything designer - he's most high profile stuff is probably the logo guy for Barcelona Olympics 92 -he's also recently done some logo stuff for Framestore in London.

His mantra, that adorned the exhibit was "Don't think, do things!" Can't argue with that!