Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sketch O The Week - Week 2

Evenin' All. Well it's Sunday night which means I've managed the incredible task of producing a whole sketch this week. Playing round with a black fineliner - these guys appeared. It's an ol life drawing habit of mine to not really lift the pen off the paper when drawing. Tends to make everything look a bit old and wrinkly - what with all those lines, but I sorta like it none the less.

So tune in next week same bat time, same bat channel to see if I make it in another thrilling installment of Sketch O the Weeeeekkk!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mexico Calling...

I'm just back from a two week trip to Mexico. Pretty amazing place - dolphins, Mayan Ruins, sunburn, dodgy moustaches and really big hats.

We travelled all over the Yucatan peninsula (down the bottom of Mexico where it borders the rest of Central America) and had a great time.

We even managed, with a complete lack of any planning and a good helping of sheer fluke, managed to visit the main Mayan city - Chichen Itza - on 21st March - the Spring Equinox. As you can see from the photo, the sun casts the shadow of a serpent on the Great Pyramid for only a short time, only on that day.

Here are a couple o snaps - our camera broke half way through the trip - turns out that sand and digital cameras don't really mix - who knew?

Sketch O The Week


As you may or may not know, I'm working mostly on the computer these days - using a nice little piece of 2D animation software called CelAction. This is bucket-loads of fun, but I really ain't doing as much drawing as I'd like. have also been more than neglecting my poor aul blog.

So, in attempt to kill both birds with one stone - I have launch the incredible (drumroll) SKETCH O THE WEEK!!!

Okay, I hear by solemly swear, to do at least one roughly presentable sketch every week and post it hereon, probably on a Sunday evening, so help me God.

Great eh? I know what you're thnking - wow, you mean ONE whole sketch per week, I'm sure the pre production dept of Pixar will be knocking your door down to give you a job when they hear about this.

My response to that is, bog off you sarcastic b*stard. I'm a busy man. Anyway, enough of this guff. Week 1 - "Cowboy in Blue Biro"...