Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 10 Films of 2012

So it's that time for the year again. Here's a run down of my favourite films of the year - bearing in mind that I didn't see
all the best film 'contenders'

10. Skyfall

Back to basics and some much more - ticked all the Bond boxes and looked brilliant.

9. Margin Call

Taught, thriller(ish) filled with moral ambiguity and great performances

8. Wrinkles

Moving Spanish animated feature
set in an old peoples' home

7. The Imposter

Almost unbelievable documentary about a man pretending to be something he's not...

6. The Descendants

Excellent, slightly low key drama - wonderfully put together

5. Paranorman

Brilliant stop motion combining 80s adventure with 70s horror, great humour and fantastic animation

4. Argo

A fantastic story that manages
to perfectly balance drama, tension and humour

3. The Raid

Makes you wish all martial arts movies were as good as this

2. Moonrise Kingdom

Fantastic, charming, funny Wes Anderson flick.

1. Martha Marcy May Marlene

Creepy, haunting, extraordinary story of life in a cult - outstanding performance from Elizabeth Olsen.

A few special mentions in the following categories:

In the 'Not As Bad As They Say' category...

John Carter of Mars


In the 'Every Bit As Bad As They' Say...

The Man with the Iron Fists

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

and finally in the 'Not As Good as They Say' category...

The Hobbit

The Master


Here's to a good film year 2013 - see you on the other side with more doodles!

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Richard said...

!!! how is the 'avengers' not somewhere on this list? Have a great 2013 and hope you both are doing well!! Peace :) -richard and kristi