Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mexico Calling...

I'm just back from a two week trip to Mexico. Pretty amazing place - dolphins, Mayan Ruins, sunburn, dodgy moustaches and really big hats.

We travelled all over the Yucatan peninsula (down the bottom of Mexico where it borders the rest of Central America) and had a great time.

We even managed, with a complete lack of any planning and a good helping of sheer fluke, managed to visit the main Mayan city - Chichen Itza - on 21st March - the Spring Equinox. As you can see from the photo, the sun casts the shadow of a serpent on the Great Pyramid for only a short time, only on that day.

Here are a couple o snaps - our camera broke half way through the trip - turns out that sand and digital cameras don't really mix - who knew?


mr-dunn* said...

looks like a hut shaped rucksack ..

Aidan said...

It was!! I had to carry it round the entire holiday. Still can't get the smell of guacamole outta my clothes!

How are you, Gary? Busy I hope!

Anonymous said...

Snake eh??Hmm...I don't see it?! Just kinda looks like a shadow of a stairs!