Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sketch O The Week


As you may or may not know, I'm working mostly on the computer these days - using a nice little piece of 2D animation software called CelAction. This is bucket-loads of fun, but I really ain't doing as much drawing as I'd like. have also been more than neglecting my poor aul blog.

So, in attempt to kill both birds with one stone - I have launch the incredible (drumroll) SKETCH O THE WEEK!!!

Okay, I hear by solemly swear, to do at least one roughly presentable sketch every week and post it hereon, probably on a Sunday evening, so help me God.

Great eh? I know what you're thnking - wow, you mean ONE whole sketch per week, I'm sure the pre production dept of Pixar will be knocking your door down to give you a job when they hear about this.

My response to that is, bog off you sarcastic b*stard. I'm a busy man. Anyway, enough of this guff. Week 1 - "Cowboy in Blue Biro"...

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